Top load Samsung washing machines.


The washing machine top can detach unexpectedly from the chassis during use, posing a risk of injury from impact.The recall involves 34 models.Consumers should check with Samsung to see if their washer is recalled.

LG. Portable Air Conditioners.


The portable air conditioners can over heat ,posing a risk.

The recall involves 3 models with serial numbers beginning with (311,312,401,403,

404 & 405.) If you have one of these contact LG.

GE. Profile top load washing machines.


An electrical component in the washer can over heat, posing a fire hazard.

The recall involves 3 models the model number is located on the rear cover of the panel. Contact GE. to see if you have one of these washers.

Whirlpool Microwave hood combinations.


Internal electrical arcing during use can ignite an internal plastic component of the microwave hood combination, posing a fire hazard. Model numbers and serial numbers  are located on the inside of the unit,above the oven cavity on the left hand side. 

Contact whirlpool for more information.